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We pride ourselves on offering premium unique products designed to stand the test of time. All our ceramics are made by hand and in small batches. They reflect the nature of handmade and this means variance. We embrace these slight differences and love the extra character but understand this doesn't speak to everyone! Please bear this in mind if you are ordering multiple pieces.


All our supplies from our clay to our glazes, tools and equipment are sourced by professional suppliers in the UK and Ireland. This helps us minimise our 'ceramic miles' without compromising on quality. We are always looking to improve our price:quality ratio while keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible.

Pottery Workshop


Our studio is 'zero waste' and we take great care to recycle clay that is not used. The water used when making an item is poured off, and the clay which remains at the bottom is recycled along with other scraps to ensure there is no wastage.


Equally, all products are checked thoroughly before firing, so if any aren’t up to scratch, they won’t go in the kiln and instead the clay will be reused. All our ceramics are fired in an electric kiln and it is never loaded until it is full. 


 All our packaging is plastic free, biodegradable and recyclable as far as possible, including the tape and gift wrapping. The paper and boxes we use are from FSC certified suppliers, meaning the wood they are made from is responsibly sourced.

We have agreed with our main suppliers to use non-plastic packaging or previously used packaging when shipping their materials to us. This is then reused, either for transit or storage, or recycled.



Progress is not perfection. But we are constantly learning, and always striving to reduce the environmental impact of our business on the planet.

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